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Water from our thermal spring

Bathing in the healing water in Bad Füssing

Our family has its own thermal spring and uses it to feed the Ortner’s Thermenwelt in the hotel. A study with over 3,000 spa patients from Bad Füssing has confirmed the health-promoting effects of the thermal water. Only children aged 4 and over are permitted to bathe in our thermal spa.

Thermal water from our own spring

While drilling on our family’s property, Therme I, the first thermal spring of Bad Füssing, was discovered. In 1938, the hot sulfur water bubbled out of the ground at 56° C from a depth of almost 1,000 m for the first time. Today, the spring permanently provides us with the fresh healing water for the hotel’s own thermal spa – 100,000 liters daily for the Hotel-Resort Ortner’s with 6 pools.

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The effects of a sulfur spring

Therme I in Bad Füssing contains the most sulfuric water of all the sulfur springs in Germany, even in Europe. This precious water with its unique combination of minerals and trace elements has a particularly revitalising, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect – a true “fountain of life” for body and soul. In this way, we more than do justice to the term SPA (Sanus Per Aquam), which translates as HEALTHY THROUGH WATER.

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The most powerful sulfur source in Europe can provide relief from the following conditions:

  • Rheumatic diseases, e.g. chronic joint diseases, signs of attrition
  • Heart, circulation, and circulatory disorders, e.g. heart disease, high and low blood pressure
  • Metabolic diseases, e.g. uric acid increase in the blook, bone decalcification
  • Surgical aftercare, e.g. after bone fractures and operations on the spine or joints
  • Paralysis, e.g. after accidents or strokes
  • Spinal column diseases, e.g. attrition on the spinal column, intervertebral disc damage
  • General regeneration, e.g. metabolic stimulation, detoxification
  • Gynecological diseases, e.g. chronic inflammatory abdominal diseases, adhesions
  • Circulatory disorders, e.g. of the limbs, condition after vascular surgery
  • Burnout, by lowering the level of stress hormones in the body

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