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Physiotherapy Michael Huber

You will receive high-quality therapy in an exclusive atmosphere. We care about your well-being and always have individual medical packages ready for you.

Our ultimate goal...

is to maintain or restore your health and mobility. Top qualified therapists – such as our head physiotherapist Michael Huber and his team – use a perfectly balanced movement concept: targeted physiotherapy and medical massages in combination with our thermal water achieve great results. Our in-house medical spa is also approved by all statutory health insurance companies. We also offer outpatient spa treatments, so-called ambulatory preventive services. Let us advise you today and make an appointment right away.

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The integrative, holistic treatment spectrum is tailored precisely to your individual needs and ranges from improving mobility, relieving pain and discomfort to avoiding surgery. A wide variety of methods are used for this purpose.

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intensive / relaxing partial/back/full-body massages
Manual therapy
Cranio-Sacral treatment
Physiotherapy & underwater gymnastics
Manual lymphatic drainage
Foot reflexology therapy
Natural fango (on a heated water bed)
Acupuncture massage according to Penzel (APM)
Medical baths (tub baths, oxygen baths, etc. )
Compact cures

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Onko Train Cure & Fibromyalgia Treatment

Discover our various cures for your well-being.

Onko Train cureFibromyalgia cure
The outpatient spa treatment still exists

It is now anchored in the § 23 SGBV as an “outpatient pension benefit”. You are entitled to the treatment every three years according to legal regulation, even less with medical necessity.

You must apply for the cure through your family doctor. Of course, it is still possible to have treatments and thermal baths prescribed by your doctor at home or by the spa doctor here in Bad Füssing on an insurance card at our Ortner’s Resort.

In addition, your health insurance company may grant a daily allowance of €16.

Saunas and relaxation rooms

Premium Relaxation

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Michael Huber

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Taster Week Health

01.01.2024 - 22.12.2024

from € 1,381,- p.p.

Healthy back

01.01.2024 - 22.12.2024

from € 1,399,- p.p.

Short break for your back

01.01.2024 - 22.12.2024

from € 631,- p.p.