Water gymnastics in Bad Füssing & more

Activity program in
Ortner's Resort

The activity program is free of charge for our guests.

The activity program at the Hotel-Resort Ortner’s focuses on movement in thermal water. Our trainers demonstrate effective exercises 12 times a week during water gymnastics in Bad Füssing’s thermal water. Back training and relaxation seminars are part of the weekly activity program.


Water gymnastics in Bad Füssing

Twice a day our trainers offer water gymnastics in the thermal exercise pool on the first floor of the hotel’s own Ortner’s Thermal Spa World.

In the approx. 32 °C warm water a double effect unfolds: that of gentle movement sequences and that of the Bad Füssing healing water.

Weekly relaxation seminar


Once a week we show you how to find peace and relaxation. This should be easy to achieve, especially with the help of our trained trainers.

Enjoy the sequence of tensing and relaxing various muscle areas during Jacobsen’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation. The exercises are very simple.

The relaxation technique helps to relax the muscles and reduce stress.

Times are announced after registration at the hotel.


For guests in Bad Füssing

The Kur- & GästeService Bad Füssing offers guided bike, hiking, and walking tours for guests in Bad Füssing.


  • guided bike tours Wednesdays and Fridays as well as every two weeks on Mondays: April – October
  • guided E-Bike-Tour every two weeks on Mondays: April – October
  • Participation is free of charge with the Bad Füssing guest card, which you receive at the Ortner’s Resort

Nordic Walking

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